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$89 Heating Safety Inspection

Honest Inspections - NOT Sales Opportunities

What other contractor will advertise their pricing?

We are held to the highest standard, integrity driven, not commission based.

Integrity has been lost in our industry, always selling the homeowner what is profitable.

Our $89 Heating Safety Inspection will examine the following inside and outside areas of your Gas Furnace

Heating Season Safety Checklist

  • Remove dirty air filters and reinstall (if homeowners provides)
  • Inspect furnace area for clearances to combustibles
  • Test for gas leaks in the furnace area (not enitre home)
  • Inspect the burner area for rust, water, and debris
  • Test the furnace blower capacitor


  • Test the gas pressure
  • Inspect the flame for rollout (Heat Exchanger test)
  • Inspect all safety limits
  • Test the flame sensor
  • Inspect for air leaks in furnace area
  • Test the temperature to meet manufacturer specifications

* Heat Exchangers cannot be visually inspected without disassembly

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