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$89 Check & Wash

Honest Inspections - NOT Sales Opportunities

What other contractor will advertise their pricing?

We are held to the highest standard, integrity driven, not commission based.

Integrity has been lost in our industry, always selling the homeowner what is profitable.

Our $89 Check & Wash will examine and clean the following inside and outside areas:


  • AC system on
  • Remove filters (Install if homeowner provides)
  • Visual inspection of equipment area
  • Any air leaks noted
  • Any water in safety pan
  • Drain inspection and treatment
  • If Needed – P-Trap replacement and purge
  • Float switches for coil and pan
  • Blower capacitor check
  • Wet Bulb temperature
  • Temp drop across evaporator coil


  • Visual inspection of equipment area
  • Capacitor check
  • Contactor check
  • Wiring check
  • Chemical clean condensor coil
  • Outdoor temperature
  • Superheat
  • Subcooling
  • Freon Charge
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